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Founded at Jerusalem in 33 A.D.
Organized at Utrecht in 696 A.D.
Granted autonomy by Rome in 1145 A.D.
Annexed by Rome in 1853 A.D.
Established in Great Britain in 1908 A.D.
Recognised as an autocephalous

by The Patriarchate of Antioch & All the East in 1911 A.D.
& The Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa in 1912 A.D.
Established in America in 1914 A.D.
United as an Orthodox Communion in 2017 A.D.


1655 + Antonio, Cardinal Barberini, Archbishop, Reims
1668 + Charles Maurice Le Tellier, Archbishop, Reims
1670 + Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, Bishop, Meaux
1693 + Jacques Goyon de Matignon, Bishop, Condom
1719 + Dominique Marie Varlet, Bishop, Ascalon
1739 + Petrus Johannes Meindaarts, Archbishop, Utrecht
1745 + Johannes van Stiphout, Bishop, Haarlem
1763 + Gualtherus van Niewenhuisen, Abp., Utrecht
1778 + Johannes Adrian Broekman, Bishop, Haarlem
1797 + Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn, Archbishop, Utrecht
1805 + Gilbertus Cornelius de Jong, Bishop, Deventer
1814 + Willibrordus van Os, Archbishop, Utrecht
1819 + Johannes Bon, Bishop, Haarlem
1825 + Johannes van Santen, Archbishop, Utrecht
1853 + Hermanus Heijkamp, Bishop, Deventer
1873 + Gaspard Johannes Rinkel, Bishop, Haarlem
1892 + Gerardus Gul, Archbishop, Utrecht
1) 1908 + Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
1911 August 5th Archbishop Mathew and the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain entered into communion with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch & All the East becoming a Western Orthodox autocephalous jurisdiction.
1912 February 26th the Old Roman Catholic Western Orthodox Church is recognised as an autocephalous church of the holy Orthodox Church by Patriarch Photius, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria.

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